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Web 2.0 Colors Palette

Web2.0 Colours for Photoshop

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Web 2.0 is all about finding new ways to interact on the internet and collaboration. For the user, it represents shiny, flashy spiny websites with lots of dynamic content, bright colours and a minimalistic design with lots of interactivity.

For the developers, Web 2.0 means AJAX, Ruby on Rails, Javascript frameworks and simple CSS layouts, again with bold colours and subtle gradients.

For designers, Web 2.0 means colour.

Colour is the most important aspect of any web design, even more so with Web 2, with its shiny buttons, gradients and notifications. Miles Burke has grabbed the primary or logo colours from some of the biggest names in Web 2.0 land, and compiled this great Photoshop Swatch file which you can download here.




Shiny silver [#EEEEEE] RGB(238/238/238)


Reddit white [#FFFFFF] RGB(255/255/255)


Magnolia Mag.nolia [#F9F7ED] RGB(136/136/136)


Interactive action yellow [#FFFF88] RGB(255/255/136)


Qoop Mint [#CDEB8B] RGB(205/235/139)


Gmail blue [#C3D9FF] RGB(195/217/255)


Shadows Grey [#36393D] RGB(54/57/61)




Mozilla Red [#FF1A00] RGB(255/26/0)


Rollyo Red [#CC0000] RGB(204/0/0)


RSS Orange [#FF7400] RGB(255/116/0)


Techcrunch green [#008C00] RGB(0/140/0)


Newsvine Green [#006E2E] RGB(0/110/46)


Flock Blue [#4096EE] RGB(64/150/238)


Flickr Pink [#FF0084] RGB(255/0/132)




Ruby on Rails Red [#B02B2C] RGB(176/43/44)


Etsy Vermillion [#D15600] RGB(209/86/0)


43 Things Gold [#C79810] RGB(199/152/16)


Writely Olive [#73880A] RGB(115/136/10)


Basecamp Green [#6BBA70] RGB(107/186/112)


Mozilla Blue [#3F4C6B] RGB(63/76/107)


Digg Blue [#356AA0] RGB(53/106/160)


Last.fm Crimson [#D01F3C] RGB(208/31/60)

Last updated on: Thursday 22nd June 2017




Useful page. Thanks.

Reply to Tayfun


Is it possible to translate either of the colours below in RGB or CYMK?

Ruby on Rails Red [#B02B2C]

Etsy Vermillion [#D15600]

Thank you. Barbara

Reply to Barbara
Tim Trott

Tim Trott

Hi Barbara

Ruby on Rails Red [#B02B2C] RGB = 176,43,44
Etsy Vermillion [#D15600] RGB = 209,86,0

I'll update the page to include RGB colours as well.


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