HTML & CSS Tutorials

My Web Design Tutorials contains resources to help you get started in web design and useful tips for designing an effective, high-quality website. The tutorials cover technical coding as well as graphic design, colour theory, typography and performance.

How to Make Dark Mode for Websites Using Only CSS

Enabling dark mode in CSS allows website visitors to view an eye-friendly and resource-saving design depending on their own system settings.
- 14th Mar, 2021

Social Media Brand Colours - Hex, RBG, SCSS & Free PS Swatches

Social integration of for any project is must and so are social icons, colours and links. Here are the Social Media Brand Colours palettes.
- 10th Aug, 2018

Combine Background Image with Gradient Overlay in CSS

Background images are good, gradients are good. Here's how to overlay gradients on top of background image, or combine gradients in CSS.
- 19th Apr, 2018

10 Annoying Web Design Trends Which Should Stop NOW

Web design trends aren't always a step in the right direction. Here are the top 10 most annoying web design trend that need to stop NOW.
- 14th Dec, 2017

Getting Started Earning Money with Adsense

Learn how to join the Google AdSense program, how to include AdSense code in your blog and start making additional income from your website.
- 6th Nov, 2017

Using CSS3 Media Queries for Responsive Design

What are CSS3 media queries and how can we use them to create responsive web designs? This tutorial shows you how to use CSS3 Media Queries.
- 18th Dec, 2015

100 CSS3 Pagination Styles To Paste Into Your Designs

Pagination is crucial to any website when content is split across multiple pages. These CSS styles help make your pagination stand out.
- 15th Nov, 2015

Responsive Web Design

It's never been more critical for websites to look as good on mobiles as they do on desktops. This is where Responsive Web Design comes in.
- 2nd Jul, 2015

CSS3 Box Shadow Generator Makes Shadows in CSS Easy

You can use this CSS3 Box Shadow Generator tool to set the drop shadow style on a box element then copy the generated CSS into your website.
- 7th Apr, 2015

18 Great CSS3 Text Effects You Can Copy/Paste

Here is a collection of 18 great CSS3 text effects to brighten up your typography which you can copy/paste into your designs.
- 8th May, 2014