SEO Guide

When creating websites it is important to keep search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. These articles show you some on-page SEO practices, allowing your site to rank higher in search engine results - potentially driving more traffic to your site.

Google Analytics for Tracking Website Visitor Statistics

Take advantage of the huge amount of data collected by Google Analytics to analyse how your visitors use your website and where to improve.
- 1st May, 2013

A Guide to the Robots.txt Exclusion Protocol

Learn how to use robots.txt to control how search engine crawlers, or spiders, access and crawl your site on the web and what to index.
- 1st Feb, 2013

Using Google Search Central (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

Google Webmaster Tools are free tools which help to understand what is going on with your website in terms of search engine optimisation.
- 1st Jul, 2012

The Ultimate Web Safe Font List for HTML and CSS Fonts

Web safe font list of all the common fonts pre-installed on Windows, Mac and Linux so you can chose a typeface that works.
- 23rd May, 2010

Google Trends Keyword Comparison and Research Tool

Google Trends is a tool that allows research and comparison of two or more keywords on search volume and geographical comparisons.
- 19th Jun, 2008

SEO Strategy - Search Engine Optimization in 2022

Successful SEO strategy is key to online business and a well executed SEO strategy brings increased brand exposure, recognition and traffic.
- 29th Mar, 2007