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Using C# to Recursively Call FindControl in ASP.Net

Recursive FindControl in ASP.Net

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In ASP.Net I often need to use the recursively use FindControl to get an object reference to a control on the ASPX page. The only problem with this is that you need to know the control that it is contained with. This recursive method will search for a given control within a parent control and all it's child controls.

public static Control FindControlRecursive(Control container, string name)
    if ((container.ID != null) && (container.ID.Equals(name)))
        return container;
    foreach (Control ctrl in container.Controls)
        Control foundCtrl = FindControlRecursive(ctrl, name);
        if (foundCtrl != null)
            return foundCtrl;
    return null;


You need to pass in two parameters, a reference to a control to look in and the name of the control to find.


Control myControl = FindControlRecursive(PlaceHolder1, "myControl");

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@roy : your function is nice but return type should be T instead of Control, otherwise using templates is pretty useless....

private T GetControl<T>(Control Container, string ControlID) where T : Control

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Good post. This is the one we use.

private Control GetControl<T>(Control Container, string ControlID) where T : Control
T result = Container.FindControl(ControlID) as T;

if (result == null)
foreach (Control c in Container.Controls)
result = this.GetControl<T>(c, ControlID) as T;

if (result != null)

return result;

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