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PHP Remove or Delete Directory Recursively

Recursively deleting all files from a folder using PHP

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This short PHP snippet will recursively delete all files and folders from a given path and can be used anywhere you wish to delete directory recursively.

It is often a requirement for a PHP script to delete files recursively, either as a cleanup operation for cached files or to remove unwanted files. This function will allow your PHP script to delete directory and files recursively. Simply call the function passing in the path of the directory to recursively delete.

Delete Directory Recursively

 * Delete a file or recursively delete a directory
 * @param string $str Path to file or directory
function recursiveDelete($str){
return @unlink($str);
$scan = glob(rtrim($str,'/').'/*');
foreach($scan as $index=>$path){
return @rmdir($str);

Last updated on: Sunday 12th August 2018



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