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Low Poly Geometric Background Generator

Fun tool for generating low poly geometric effect backgrounds and wallpapers

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Are you looking for low poly geometric background images and wallpapers? This generator will let you generate random low poly effect images at any resolution and size.

Low Poly Geometric Background Generator is a tool for generating low poly triangle patterns that can be used as wallpapers and website assets. Low poly is a minimalistic art style that uses bold, bright geometry to create an image or pattern. Low poly backgrounds can give a website a classic and understated feel. These colourful polygons are growing in popularity among blogs, vendors, and journalism websites that want to evoke an elegant or retro feel.

To use this Low Poly Geometric Background Generator simply change the properties in the form below and click Download Image to get your geometric wallpaper or background image.




You can set the size for your generated low poly background image by selecting a preset value in the size dropdown, or alternatively, you can enter your own values in the boxes provided. Click on the update button to generate your low poly background.

Changing the variance affects how different each of the triangles is. The lower the value the more uniform the triangles. The lowest value creates a pattern of perfect triangles. The highest value creates lots of chaos.

The cell size alters the size of each of the triangles, the smaller the size the more triangles are shown.

Changes to the depth value affect how much contrast there is between triangles, which gives the appearance of three-dimensional depth.

Last updated on: Friday 24th August 2018



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