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Image Tiling in Delphi

Image Tiling in Delphi

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This procedure will take a TImage instance loaded with a bitmap, and tile it over the area of the destination. Use for creating seamless background textures on forms or controls.

procedure TileImage(SourceImage, DestImage: TImage);
  XCnt, YCnt, X, Y: Integer;
  BevelSize, SaveIndex: Integer;
  Rect: TRect;
  if (SourceImage.Picture.Graphic <> nil) and (SourceImage.Width > 0) and
    (SourceImage.Height > 0) then
    Rect := DestImage.ClientRect;
    //BevelSize := BorderWidth;
    //if BevelOuter <> bvNone then Inc(BevelSize, BevelWidth);
    //if BevelInner <> bvNone then Inc(BevelSize, BevelWidth);
    //InflateRect(Rect, -BevelSize, -BevelSize);
    SaveIndex := SaveDC(DestImage.Canvas.Handle);
      IntersectClipRect(DestImage.Canvas.Handle, Rect.Left, Rect.Top,
        Rect.Right - Rect.Left + 1,
        Rect.Bottom - Rect.Top + 1);
      XCnt := DestImage.ClientWidth div SourceImage.Width;
      YCnt := DestImage.ClientHeight div SourceImage.Height;
      for X := 0 to XCnt do
        for Y := 0 to YCnt do
          DestImage.Canvas.Draw(Rect.Left + X * SourceImage.Width,
            Rect.Top + Y * SourceImage.Height, SourceImage.Picture.Graphic);
      RestoreDC(DestImage.Canvas.Handle, SaveIndex);

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