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My Web Design Tutorials contains resources to help you get started in web design and useful tips for designing an effective, high-quality website. The tutorials cover technical coding as well as graphic design, colour theory, typography and performance.

A while back I published a post detailing a simple but effective CSS2 notification messages. This was a successful post but needed updating, so here is an updated collection of CSS3 notification message styles.
CSS3 Message Notification Bars Reloaded


Website pagination is a crucial aspect to any layout with repeating content allowing content to be split across multiple pages. These styles are able to be copied and pasted into your designs.
100 CSS3 Pagination Styles


Gulp is a tool which most web developers have heard of, but few know what it actually does. In this article, we will discover how we can be more productive by automating repetitive tasks.
Getting started with Gulp


This CSS3 border-radius generator allows you to quickly style the border radius for an HTML element using a simple editor and copy the generated CSS code straight into your project.
CSS3 Border Radius Generator


You can use this CSS3 Box Shadow Generator tool to set the drop shadow style on a box element. Set the values, watch the sample update in real time, then copy the generated CSS3 box-shadow code into your website.
CSS3 Box Shadow Generator



Convert Decimal to Hex, Convert HTML Entity to Special Characters and vise-versa. This tool converts special characters to htmlentities which you can use in CSS, HTML and JavaScript avoiding encoding errors and invalid character validation warnings.
HTML Entity Conversion Calculator


A minimal, no-nonsense, responsive, mobile first CSS3 skeleton which demonstrates media queries for varying screen sizes. No frameworks, no JavaScript just the absolute bare bones.
Minimal Responsive Mobile First CSS Skeleton


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