If you wish to start learning C# then you hav ecome to the right place. I have many tutoials for learning the C# language and the .Net Framework. I also cater for experienced developers with advanced tutorials and code snippets. The code samples and snippets will help beginners and pro's alike. To the beginner learning the C# language and the .Net Framework together may seem like a thousand mile journey, but as Confucius said:

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single StepConfucius
Take the first step and learn C#. For complete beginners we recommend you start with the Introduction to C# tutorial series, while more experienced developers may wish to start with the intermediate or advanced C# tutorials.

Using XSD Tool to Generate Classes from XML

XSD tool is a simple tool that can be used to generate a C# class from a given XML document and we can then load data into that class in C#.
- 20th Nov, 2008

Creating Fully Themable Websites with ASP.Net

This tutorial will show you how to make themable websites and dynamic content using a few properties and parameters and class inheritance.
- 12th Nov, 2008

How to Download and Installing Visual Studio

How to download, install and configure Visual Studio and take a look at some of the features of the development environment.
- 10th Oct, 2008

Go On... Have a chuckle at this poorly written code

A collection of poorly written code written by an under-qualified contractor. It would be funny if it wasn't in a production system!
- 24th Sep, 2008

List Box Data Binding in C# Windows Forms Application

How list box data binding works to bind list view and tree views with data from generic lists, arrays and other data sources.
- 8th Sep, 2008

Working with SQL Server Stored Procedures from C#

SQL Server Stored Procedures are functions within a database which are optimised queries. Here's how to use stored procedures from C#.
- 1st Jul, 2008

Importing and Exporting XML from a DataSet

XML is the backbone of data communication. Here's how to read and write XML from a DataSet and SqlDataAdapter using C# and .Net
- 18th Jun, 2008

How to Use Themes and Skins in ASP.Net Applications

Themes and skins provide an easy way to change the look of pages and controls on a site or multiple sites to have a consistent appearance.
- 28th May, 2008

Implementing Clean URL's in ASP.Net to Boost SEO

This tutorial will show you how to implement truly clean URL's in ASP.Net and C# to benefit SEO and without using any commercial products.
- 21st May, 2008

Reading Excel Spreadsheets with C# and ADO.Net

How to read and write to Excel Spreadsheets with C# using ADO.Net and Microsoft Office data connectors for OleDb with examples.
- 2nd Apr, 2008