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Software Engineering

Software engineering is the application of engineering to the design, development, implementation, testing and maintenance of software in a systematic method. Sounds boring, and it can be. These articles cover the design and development of applications and is language independent. It covers aspects such as design concepts, methodologies and testing patterns.

In this article, we will look at the software development life cycle as defined in SSADM. Almost all life cycles will share the same, or similar steps, but they may be called something slightly different and have different processes attached to them.
System Lifecycles and SSADM


A software design is a representation of how a particular piece of software is built and includes requirements, practices, procedures, life cycles (both project and component) and specifies how the system is to be developed.
Software Design Concepts


I love it when people say "a simple way to do xyz is to use regular expressions" and then offer what amounts to a string of indecipherable hieroglyphics to answer the question. However, once you know how to leverage the power of regular expressions, they can be very useful tools.
Regular Expressions Explained







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