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The scripting language of choice for most web designers. It’s free, easy to learn and above all there are many thousands of scripts and packages that you can run (also free!). These articles feature code snippets, tips and techniques and full scripts to help you advance your PHP powered website.


Custom Gravatars in Wordpress
27th December 2008PHP
A quick tip for customising the default Gravatars in Wordpress 2.7 now they took away the get_avatar function. Use this filter instead; it's a much better way!
Installing Wordpress
3rd September 2008PHP
Wordpress is famous for its 5-minute install, but for those who have never installed web software before, I will show you how to download, install, configure and write your first Wordpress blog on your web server. You do not need any knowledge of PHP or any other programming language.
10 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2008
30th July 2008PHP
A list of my top 10 essential WordPress plugins, covering SEO, statistics, design, widgets and usability. These plugins are used on all my blogs and websites and are highly recommended.
Protecting MySQL from SQL Injection Attacks with PHP
20th June 2008PHP
A guide on how to properly protect your MySQL database from SQL injection attacks by using a little common sense, good programming practices and PHP.