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The scripting language of choice for most web designers. It’s free, easy to learn and above all there are many thousands of scripts and packages that you can run (also free!). These articles feature code snippets, tips and techniques and full scripts to help you advance your PHP powered website.



I have recently discovered a method by which I can reduce my overall monthly bandwidth for this website by 500MB. Using the same technique I have reduced the bandwidth on another of my sites by 3500GB.
Reduce Wordpress Bandwidth Usage and Page Load Time


Wordpress Widgets are pieces of add-on code that extend the functionality of Wordpress, either behind-the-scenes or extra visual code. Widgets allow these code segments to be quickly and easily added to predefined sidebars on most themes.
How To Create Wordpress Widgets


One of the many features of Wordpress you may have noticed whilst writing posts is the Custom Fields section that appears at the bottom of the new post screen. This is a very powerful feature allowing additional information to be attached to a post.
Using WordPress Custom Fields


A while back one of my websites came under a massive attack receiving an additional 1000+ hits per day, all malicious construction and all from one particular country. Since I was fast approaching my allocated bandwidth limit I had to take action to stop them accessing the site, and fast!
Blocking Website Access by Country with PHP


Ellipsis are a series of three dots that indicate an intentional omission of a word, sentence or whole section from the original text being quoted. Here is a simple little function in PHP that will truncate a string after X number of characters and replace it with three dots (or whatever you specify). This is useful when showing an excerpt or a short introduction.
How to Add Three Dots to a Long String with PHP


Another of my widely used PHP snippets is this timing function, which can be used to time a whole script execution, or a single function. This is especially important for optimising script performance and reduction of page load times.
Timing PHP Script Execution


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