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Web hosting (sometimes referred to as 'web space') is a service which allows you to upload your own files and site to a shared server in a data centre. Once uploaded, your website can be seen by anyone who is connected to the Internet.
Introduction to Web Hosting


Once you have a web server or hosting package, you will need to register a domain name. In this tutorial I will give you some great tips on choosing a domain name, guide you through the registration process and how to link your domain to your website.
Registering Domain Names and Configuration


Google Trends is a tool that allows comparison of two or more keywords on search volume and geographical comparisons. It can allow you to optimise keywords on your website increasing both visitors and conversions.
Google Trends Keyword Comparison Tool


A successful SEO strategy is paramount in any online business and a properly executed SEO strategy will bring your website increased exposure, recognition and will generate an increase in traffic.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization


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