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18th December 2015Internet
CSS3 introduced media queries into the web development world. Media queries are the foundation for responsive design. They let you create layouts specific for screen sizes such as tablets and smartphones. This article provides you with a brief overview of media queries with basic syntax for common screen sizes.
2nd July 2015Internet
Responsive web design is more important than ever before. With use of smartphones and tablets exploding, it has never been more critical for websites to look just as good on small screens as they do on large ones. This article provides some tips you can use to make your web design more responsive to the needs of mobile users.
8th May 2014Internet
When it comes to website loading times and performance, every second counts. A poorly performing site will turn visitors away in droves, rapidly decreasing your conversion rate.
11th February 2014Internet
One of the most important website performance ranking factors is to make sure that you optimise images for the web.
29th May 2013Internet
Here is a list of 8 excellent and free search engine optimization websites that can help you accomplish various SEO tasks, e.g. backlink investigation, keyword research, etc... When used together these tools are an incredibly powerful resource in any SEO strategy.
11th May 2011Internet
A list of the many different types of website and how each is used on the internet to form online communities.
20th February 2011Internet
Google will soon be launching a new update to their ranking algorithm, codename Panda, which will take action against duplicate content and plagiarism caused by autoblogging software and website scrapers.
28th September 2008Internet
Web hosting (sometimes referred to as 'web space') is a service which allows you to upload your own files and site to a shared server in a data centre. Once uploaded, your website can be seen by anyone who is connected to the Internet.