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Welcome to my Web Design and Development site. In this blog I provide tutorials covering a wide range of topics including Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Engineering, C#, HTML and SQL.

I have over 15 years experience building quality websites and software applications to drive traffic and sales to a range of industries including retail, tourism, clothing and medical. I have an HND in Software Engineering, I'm a Microsoft certified ASP.Net / C# developer and I have diplomas in Graphic Design and Photography.


Minimise Delphi Application to System Tray
5th December 2004Software Engineering
Code snippet which will allow a program icon to be displayed in the system tray when the form is minimised.
Using Shell Execute in Delphi
28th October 2004Software Engineering
Launch files and programs from your code using Delphi.
Prevent Multiple Instances of Delphi Application Running
16th August 2004Software Engineering
This code will prevent another instance from opening, and pass parameter details (such as file open command) to the existing application.
Integer to Roman Numeral Conversion in Dephi
6th February 2004Software Engineering
These Pascal procedures will convert an integer to the Roman numeral and a Roman numeral to an integer value.
Load CSV Data into a StringGrid in Dephi
6th February 2004Software Engineering
This procedure will load CSV data stored in a file into a StringGrid control for display or processing.
Image Tiling in Delphi
6th February 2004Software Engineering
This procedure will take a TImage instance loaded with a bitmap, and tile it over the area of the destination. Use for creating seamless background textures on forms or controls.
Delphi Get File Size
6th February 2004Software Engineering
This procedure will get the file size, in bytes, of a specified filename.
Delphi String Case Conversion
6th February 2004Software Engineering
These procedures will convert the case of a string to Title case, Sentence case or toggle the existing case (convert upper to lower and lower to upper case)