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Abstract classes provide a way to force an inherited class to implement an override method, similar to, but not the same as an interface. Encapsulation is the ability for an object to hide its data and methods from those who do not need to know, and only expose data and methods that are required.
C# Class Abstraction and Encapsulation


The object-oriented approach to programming tries to represent abstract or concrete things of the real world in a type of computer code called classes. This article is designed to give you an overview of the concept of Object Oriented Programming.
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming


Another useful technique in object orientated programming is Polymorphism, which allows you to implement derived class methods through a base class pointer at run time.
Polymorphism in C#


When inheriting from another class, you may wish to change the default behaviour of a method or create a different method signature. You can do this by overloading the method with your own code.
Method Overloading and Overriding in C#


Class inheritance is one of the key principles in object oriented programming. It allows one class to pass on properties and methods to child classes so that they can reuse, extend, and modify existing functionality.
Class Inheritance in C#


This handy reference c# operator list shows you the operators in C#, some are which are straightforward and will be used in every single program or module, while others are more complex and you may not ever use.
C# Operator List


When programming, it is often necessary to repeat a task many times. This is a process known as iteration or looping. C# has a number of methods for looping: Do, While, For and Foreach and in this article, we take a look at each of them and how you use them.
Looping and Iteration in C#


Conditional statements allow different sections of code, or actions, to be executed depending on a condition being met.
C# Conditional Statements




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