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Welcome to my Web Design and Development site. In this blog I provide tutorials covering a wide range of topics including Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Engineering, C#, HTML and SQL.

I have over 15 years experience building quality websites and software applications to drive traffic and sales to a range of industries including retail, tourism, clothing and medical. I have an HND in Software Engineering, I'm a Microsoft certified ASP.Net / C# developer and I have diplomas in Graphic Design and Photography.


10 Annoying Web Design Trends Which Should Stop NOW
14th December 2017Internet
Web design is all about innovation, but not all progress is good progress. Here are my Top 10 most annoying web design trends that need to stop in 2018.
10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop
5th December 2017Graphic Design
Adobe Photoshop is the to-go choice for the professional designer, photographer and illustrator, unfortunately, the cost means that it is out of reach for many amateurs and beginners. We look at a few free alternatives to Photoshop and see how they compare.
Getting Started Earning Money with Adsense
6th November 2017Internet
Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize a website or blog. Learn how to join the Google Adsense program, how to include adsense code in your blog and start making additional income from your website.
Using Google Webmaster Tools
1st July 2017Internet
Google Webmaster Tools are free tools provided by Google which help to understand what is going on with your website in terms of search engine optimisation. This way you make decisions based off of data instead of going in blindly.
How to Track Ad Blockers Traffic in Google Analytics
24th June 2017Internet
Ad Blockers are becoming ever increasingly popular among web visitors. While they are mainly installed to reduce obnoxious or obtrusive adverts, they are indiscriminate and often block subtle ads which hurt web publishers. This guide will show you how to log ad blockers blocking Adsense traffic in Google Analytics.
Introduction to the Printing Process
16th April 2016Graphic Design
We will have a quick look at some of the print processes involved in getting digital artwork into print and cover some rules you should follow to avoid disappointment.
Introduction to Adobe InDesign
9th April 2016Graphic Design
Adobe InDesign is the industry standard publication application and in this tutorial, we are going create a business card whilst looking at the features.
Creating Web Designs in Photoshop
2nd April 2016Graphic Design
This tutorial takes you through creating a web design in Photoshop which is a great tool for create web designs, or mockups, for sending to a client for approval.